Last Thursday we finished our “Curs de millora de la destresa oral en llengua anglesa” and, I have to say, we had a great time! Many people often comment that they find speaking a lot harder than writing or even listening.

But why does this happen? Speaking, of course, requires our full attention and, furthermore, the need to express something complex in a short period of time often makes us feel overwhelmed by the desire to do it as correctly as we can.

In our 15 hours “curs” we have faced these problems and debated about how to overcome them.

We learned some tips and tricks to try and put fluency before accuracy (two things we have been talking a lot about during our weekly sessions!) and, ultimately, we have tried to remind ourselves that, at the end of the day, language is just fun; a tool, a toy, a way of expressing who we are and what we want and feel.

Many thanks to the CEP team for their great support, and many thanks, above all, to the teachers that attended, for sharing the wonderful adventure of speaking!

See you next time!          Ben Clark